Student work

Boat      IMG_0154-copy     IMG_0155-copy

This class is suitable for students who are new to art.

Stencils are provided by the teacher. These are made from thick cardboard.

The student uses the stencils to draw the shapes on white paper. They cut or tear small pieces of

coloured paper and stick to the white shape, going over the edges if they like. When the glue has dried, they cut out the shape

looking at the reverse side to get the shape. Then they assemble the pieces to form the final composition.

Coloured paper may also be used to create the shapes.



Materials: Thick Cardboard (such as greyboard), craft knife, tracing paper (for teacher only)

PVA glue, brushes,  coloured paper, white paper, scissors, markers, pencils


Draw a design on A4 paper – of a few simple shapes. Here is one idea of a boat.


Trace the shapes onto cardboard and cut out using a craft knife. This can take time, and can be tough to cut through the cardboard.

Here are the stencils:



Use the stencils to draw shapes onto white paper.

Cut out the shapes.

Decide on the colours for each shape. Choose a background colour.

Cut up or tear up the coloured paper into small sizes.

Stick coloured paper onto the shapes, going over the edges if necessary.. Allow to dry. Turn over the shape and neaten the edges with a scissors.

Assemble the shapes and glue to the background.

Other Examples with stencils:

IMG_0303 IMG_0307


IMG_0302    IMG_0306      IMG_0305